What Makes a Good Taxi Service?

Many of us have used a taxi at some point in our lives. Whether you use our Oxford taxi services on a regular or an infrequent basis it’s important that when you do, you receive the very best service possible. So, what then make’s a good taxi service?


The great thing about booking a taxi via an app, is that you are informed about the service, right up to the point your taxi arrives to pick you up. When you book a ride with the Eurekar app, the app allows you to track your taxi so you know exactly where it is and when it will arrive. With alerts via in-app notifications and emails, the Eurekar app keeps you updated so that you can it gives them confidence in the service and a reliability that they can rely on.


Often, when customers make a booking, there is always a slight concern about safety. This is particularly true for female travellers, especially those who travel late at night. When you choose an Oxford taxi service that allows you to make a booking via an app, it provides a level of safety that goes beyond that of a traditional booking. An app will provide you with an image of the driver and their name along with the registration number. This provides the customer with information that gives peace of mind and enhances their safety.

One other benefit of choosing a taxi service that uses an app is that customers can rate drivers. This enables customers to obtain a better understanding of how reliable and trustworthy their driver really is.

Clean Vehicles

A clean car is the second thing that customers care about after reliability. First impressions are everything and if a taxi arrives covered in dirt and grime it will instantly turn customers away. Any successful Oxford taxi service will ensure that their vehicles are not only clean on the outside but also the inside. As the passenger will spend the entirety of their experience inside the vehicle it needs to be presentable. Therefore, it should not be cluttered, it should be spotlessly clean and it should smell fresh.

Following every drop-off, the driver should ensure that the vehicle is clean in preparation for picking up the next customer. It is all about creating a positive perception.

Competitive Prices

Customers don’t want to pay any more than they have to for using an Oxford taxi service. Therefore, it is important that prices are competitive but also that customers are informed of the costs. When booking via an app, the customer will be presented with an estimated price of the journey, which will not be too far from the actual cost. When customers are given an estimated price, it means that they can make an informed decision that allows them to go ahead and make the booking.

Friendly Drivers

Often, people can feel intimidated when they get into a taxi. They might be new to the area or they might not be frequent users of a taxi service. Therefore, it is important that customers are put at ease by drivers who are friendly and understanding. Customers are not always looking for a full conversation but a friendly chat really does go a long way to making the journey and the experience a lot better. When an Oxford taxi service has drivers that are approachable, professional and helpful, it gives customers confidence in the service from start to finish.