Why Use a Taxi App?

3 Benefits of booking a taxi using an app

Considering how the world we live in is changing, it is clear to see why the taxi industry has to move with it. We lead busy lives and so, we want things to be as easy and as quick as possible.

Traditionally, booking a taxi required you to pick up the phone, wait for it to be answered and then hope that the individual who was making the booking collected the correct details. Nowadays, that person may have been replaced by an automated voice but the reality remains the same. The process is time-consuming, which is of no use to people who need to be somewhere quickly.

1. It gives customers control

When you choose to ride with Eurekar booking your Oxford taxi has never been so simple. This is because Eurekar offer an app that gives you total control over your bookings. After a quick download you have the ability to book a taxi, right there in the palm of your hand wherever you are. This intuitive app will change the way in which you book your taxis giving you a personal service that delivers complete satisfaction and a superior experience.

2. It is convenient and fast

In the connected world we live in today many of us want convenience. This convenience means picking up your smartphone, opening the Eurekar taxi app and making your booking. Once you have done so the Eurekar app will provide you with relevant information that keeps you informed right up to the moment that your taxi arrives.

Contrast that with a traditional booking where you have to keep an eye out for your taxi. You might also have no idea when it is arriving and even then, when it arrives, it might not be your booking. This leads to a lot of frustration but the Eurekar app removes all this uncertainty.

3. Simple tracking and payment system

Not only will the Eurekar app allow you to book a taxi with one of our licensed taxi drivers but you can also track your booking through the app. You’ll get an estimated arrival time, information on your driver including his picture and the vehicle they are driving and and estimated price of your trip so that there are no nasty surprises when you reach your destination. You don’t have to worry about having enough cash or stopping at a cash point along the way. By storing your credit or debit card details securely in the app when you get to your destination you can be on your way. No more having to worry about looking for cash to cover the cost of the fare.

It’s an app that works

The app is simple and intuitive, giving customers the opportunity to make a booking on their own terms and provides them with real-time tracking. Complete peace of mind comes from knowing that all of Eurekar taxi drivers are fully licensed and have been put through all the relevant vetting and safety checks.

Using an app to book a taxi is fast becoming the future of the taxi industry. When our clients can book our services and have everything that they need at their fingertips, it only enhances the whole experience. It improves efficiency, keeps the client informed throughout the whole process and guarantees their safety.

Therefore, when you book a taxi with Eurekar, be confident that our app will ensure that you will receive a service that you can rely on.